Hera wingpanel freeze when volume-control button is clicked

Discussion in 'Software & Applications' started by Bobby Rosengarten, Jan 24, 2020.

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    Hey guys,

    today I installed elementary OS on my physical hard drive after weeks of tinkering around in a virtual machine:)

    Unfortunately I ran into a problem after setting up everything:

    Every time I click on the volume button in the top right corner the system freezes. I can see and move the mouse but I can't click on anything.
    Luckily it is possible to "win + T" or "ctrl + alt + F1" into a terminal and killing the "wingpanel" process (googled it) solves the issue.

    There is no problem with anything else and I usually change the volume via a knob on my keyboard but I wonder if there is a patch around.

    I googled at least an hour and didn't find this exact scenario. I would provide a report if neccessary but I have no idea how^^. I could't find any log file either.

    best regards


    I found out that "killall spotify" (its a snap package) solved the problem. Just to reproduce I started spotify again but clicking the volume button didnt freeze the system again. Maybe the system as just overloaded with all those snaps because I installed and ran everything without really "closing" the programs.

    Sorry that long post :)

    This thread can be closed I guess
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