Loki Wifi not working properly in my Lenovo S410P

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by Michael Ordona, Jul 28, 2017.

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    I installed Elementary OS Loki in my laptop Lenovo S410P an hour ago. There was no problem installing the os. I can see available wifi connections. I can connect to wifi but if I type google.com in epiphany browser, error occurs "Error resolving 'google.com': Temporary failure in name resolution.... You may wish to verify that your internet connection is working properly." Even if I connect to ethernet, same problem.

    I also typed 'ping google.com' in the terminal and it says: unknown host google.com
    I also typed 'rfkill list' in the terminal and wireless lan is not soft and hard blocked.

    My network controller hardware is Qualcom Atheros QCA9565/AR9565 and ethernet controller hardware is Qualcom Atheros QCA8172 Fast Ethernet (rev 1.0).

    Please help me I'm just new here in Linux. Thanks.

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