Unable boot Elementary with USB drive removed

Discussion in 'Installation' started by Alistair George, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Hi here is a situation which could occur to anyone, and Im not sure how it should be addressed.
    I had a VGA cord to my monitor and replaced it with a DVI cord and in so, knocked a USB drive out of its socket. This is my daily backup drive so remains attached at all times.

    The PC ran fine until I rebooted then all hell broke loose ; ACPI errors even when I added noacpi to grub and error -71, and scanning BT then dropping down to user command prompt. I had no idea what was going on till I booted in to my backup partition and discovered the USB drive was not connected.

    All I had to do to fix the problem was connect the USB drive and Elementary rebooted, and when I checked /etc/fstab the offending line was there; see the following Ive commented it out now and Elementary boots with or without it connected:
    #UUID=f5761e56-fd37-4391-a2dc-36b0d3207cf9 /media/alistair/USB450G ext4

    However, surely there should be a fallback when a drive is not detected which allows the boot to carry on if a drive is not found, and we are booting off a different drive altogether??


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