Odin Several questions I have after using Odin for a day

Discussion in 'Software & Applications' started by Pottis, Aug 13, 2021.

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    As mentioned in the title, been using Odin for a day, switched from Zorin.
    The questions:
    1- Why does my ethernet sometimes disconnect for no reason, rebooting doesn't help, but booting into windows then back into elementary fixes it somehow?
    2-Why is Spotify notifying me about the song it switches to considered as "Other" in the notification centre and not, you know, Spotify (seriously I want it to stop playing the notification sound and not to build up in the notification center and I dont want to disable those for the Other category)
    3-Why is Steam just refusing to launch? Flatpak version refuses to launch, .deb version is missing about 3 quintillion dependencies on my system and it spits out an error about some dependency missing every time I install the dependency it mentioned in the error before.

    Sorry if my English is a bit crap.

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