Robbo return - in development indie game clone of robbo

Discussion in 'Software & Applications' started by digit1024, Jan 15, 2021.

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    Hi... so...
    I don't really know how to start.
    I'm kind of programmer, but not "games programmer".
    I don't think that many people outside Poland heard about amazing 80s game "Robbo" authored by Janusz Pelc.
    If not there is an open source clone of that game called GNU ROBBO
    So anyway.... Since i always liked this game I've decided to play around with it.
    First I did "digit adventures" game ( available in play store for android) and now I tried to move prepare levels parser and new version of game in 2.5 D with original robbo rules, levels and mechanics....
    And I did it more or less.

    Well.. At least it works- all levels are playable I guess, but there is a lot to improve in code and more important in graphics.

    So why I'm bottering you... I though that I could release it as an opensource and release it for linux.
    Ofcorse when it's ready.
    Just wondered if there is someone that would actually try it and maybe enjoy it. Maybe I should just abandon it and do something else if there is noone on the other side.

    I gues that you would like to see it.
    Here is the pre alpha video - original robbo level 2 I think.

    Basically I would thank for any feedback.

    Technically it's c++ cocos2dx .

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