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Discussion in 'Software & Applications' started by andyj, May 21, 2017.

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    I've recently started using Elementary OS on some of my PCs and find myself a little confused by the "pantheon-photos" application.

    It appears to have two completely separate modes of operation, but each mode appears to be missing features only available in the other mode, and I have found no way to switch directly between the modes.

    If I run it from the Applications menu (let's call this "mode 1"), I see a pale grey themed window with a navigation sidepane which shows dates and categories, which allows images to be browsed and opened. This mode can display the image medadata, but seems to be missing some of the editing controls.

    If however it is opened by clicking on an image file in Files (lets's call this "mode 2"), I see a dark themed window which displays the image with some editing controls, but no navigation sidepane. However, this mode does not appear to have any way of displaying the image metadata, or browsing to other images (there's just back and forwards arrows).

    So, does anyone know if any of the following are possible?

    1. Is there any way of switching between the modes?

    2. is there any way of displaying the metadata whilst in "mode 2"?

    3. Is there any way of accessing the editing controls whilst in "mode 1"?

    Any help much appreciated!



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