Odd Elementary OS 6 behavior

Discussion in 'Software & Applications' started by swnw, Aug 27, 2021.

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    I noticed odd Elementary OS 6 behavior yesterday. I like good music so usually I use bit perfect players, my favorite is Deadbeef. I had Installed 1.8.7. Yesterday I downloaded a file and I clicked on "Show in folder" and to my surprise Deadbeef run but Downloads folder didn't open. So I change browser - this same situation.
    I opened Aplications and clicked Dropbox and Deadbeef run again :).
    Using Hera I didn't have such situation.
    I uninstalled Deadbeef 1.8.7 and unpacked not installed Deadbeef 1.8.8 version. I run it by clicking on a executable file - Deadbeef works fine so I repeated described above procedure and "Show in folder" opened Downloads folder and clicked Dropbox was normally opened showing its folders.
    I'd like to install Deadbeef normally without system odd behavior. Any suggestions?


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