Loki Nvidia Driver Problem

Discussion in 'Software & Applications' started by Nerdis, Feb 4, 2017.

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    Hey Elementary OS Community,

    I have a problem with the Nvidia driver for my Nvidia GeForce G105M.
    My problem:
    With the Nouveau all works perfectly but the performance isnt good.
    My System is up to date. (Date: 04. Feb. 2017)
    Graphiccard: GeForce G 105M
    Nvidia driver Version: 340.101
    OS: Elementary OS Loki 64 Bit

    And yes i know how to install the driver, tryed the tutorial from the forum and over the driver program (like in Ubuntu). Same result. And i reinstalled Elementary OS so its not that!

    hope you can help me. I get an error on startup but its to fast to see which it is. I will make a slow motion video and look into it to figure out which error it is. Update the thread later.

    And sorry for my bad English, not my main Language and im still learning it. :)

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