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Discussion in 'Software & Applications' started by JazzyJ, Apr 28, 2021.

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    Hi all, I'm using Loki 0.41 (64 bit) and I don't have sound settings in the system - they're simply not there!

    How can I get my system sound settings back?

    I've looked at the github page for Switchboard Sound Plug in order to install that but I don't know how to do it.

    I've managed to install the dependencies but when the instructions come to:

    Run meson to configure the build environment and then ninja to build

    meson build --prefix=/usr
    cd build

    To install, use ninja install

    sudo ninja install

    I've got no understanding at all of what that means or how to do anything. I don't know 'how' to run meson, I don't know how to configure a 'build envorinment' etc.

    Basically, it's just frustrating that the sound settings dissappeared in the first place! If anyone knows how I can get my system sound settings back, please can you help.

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