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    Hi. I guess this is the place for me to talk about my experience with Elementary OS.
    I had come to Elementary OS looking for an Apt Based system That wasn't Linux Mint or Ubuntu. I had wanted something more out of Linux Mint and Ubuntu locked me out and broke my PC every time I tried updating Mesa or installing a Desktop Environment. So I came to Elementary OS, something that looked incredibly promising.

    The installation process was as easy as Ubuntu, with reason: It used a reskinned Ubiquity for installation. The interface was beautiful, complete with a GTK skin, a nice and simple icon pack, and a few preinstalled apps. Though, I did find a few of those apps disappointing. Files LOOKED nice, but I found it to be lacking in features (in comparison to my favorite file managers, Nemo and PCmanFM). It came with no USB image write, which had come standard with both Linux Mint and Ubuntu. I had to go through Gparted, which was a slight hassle.

    On the bright side, it didn't lock me out when I updated mesa. Bad news: Pantheon was 'a tad' unstable. Keep in mind that this isn't a beta, but a recent release of the OS. As was Gala. I commonly found Gala crashing and my screen freezing for minutes at a time (except for my mouse pointer). It had some issues running Chromium and my favorite text editor, Atom. Chrome ran fine until I went into the hamburger menu. It started freezing up and Gala crashed. I tried once more after that and it worked, but it was a bit too much for my taste. Then came Atom. I'm an operating system developer myself, and I commonly find myself going into Atom to add code or simplify my current code. When I was building a gcc toolchain for my OS, I found myself unable to right click anywhere. Pantheon crashed, logged me out and closed ALL of my open windows. I've tried over and over and have been unable to right click at all in Atom.

    I also had a bit of trouble installing Steam, but once I got it, it ran fine. Until I rebooted, in which it was removed from both the dock and the Applications menu. Its as if it weren't there. I finally found it, and it refused to launch.

    At some point, I considered installing a BSD variant, due to a quote I found on a site somewhere, "BSD developers tend to focus on writing clean code over marketing", which is a piece of advice I can give to any developer, not just the Elementary OS Team. This is why I say, I'll keep "cheating the system" and get free downloads until there's good, clean code that works.

    In the mean time, I hope this gets through to developers: Focus on writing good, clean code rather than focusing on design. I'll probably put my two bits in for each coming version. Keep at it Elementary Team, And know that if you call people cheaters for getting free downloads on free software, they will be mad. If you want to charge for your operating system, write your own kernel, or re-skin BSD rather than Ubuntu.

    Good luck to all,
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