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    As may you aware the default elementary theme have dark themes for the terminal, video player, screenshot app, pitivi and more. If you are looking for how to make the dark apps light to match the rest of the themes this is the place.
    You can actually set different apps with different themes.

    First you need a menu editor for this, type in terminal:

    Code (Text):
    sudo apt-get install menulibre
    You will now find the menu editor in Accessories. Open it.

    Find eg. the terminal and in command box of it you will add

    Code (Text):
    env GTK_THEME=elementary
    So it will say env GTK_THEME=elementary pantheon-terminal

    Save it.

    Find the rest of the dark theme apps and do the exact same thing with them.
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    Oh man! thank you so much! I spend my entire yesterday and a couple hours of today trying to make the terminal light!
    I even inspect the source code trying to see if there's a way to change this!

    I think it could be an option in the system to allow apps decide the theme like in this case...

    I wanted it light because at night i invert colors to save my eyes and when i need to type some comand in terminal it did come burning my eyes!

    Thank you!

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