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should I continue developing it.

  1. keep it going

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  2. stop - we don't need that kidn of crappy games

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  3. I could'nt care less... whatewaaaa

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    Hi, uhhhm .. my first post so hello...
    Loooking for some first early impresion feedback about the game I'm creating.
    Basically I want to do a remake of the robbo game

    so... pre-alpha looks like that:

    And I want to know if I should put some effort in finalizing it. How do you like the graphic, the concept etc....
    I'm asking on this forum, since the trigger to create the game was actually info about new AppCenter and support for flatpack. Long Story short I like Elementary OS and I'm doing it mostly for Linux, but since I'm using cocos2dx(c++) it could be multiplatform, including mobile.

    And second thing.... I have no idea how flatpack works.. I have created some deb and rpm packages in the past, but I'm guessing I will need some help later.

    So basically... HI, I want to validate early impresion . Let me know what you think and if you would want to play such a game in near future.

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