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Discussion in 'Installation' started by Angel Romero, Jul 11, 2020.

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    Hi guys,

    this is my first post here. Thanks in advance for your support. I always try to read a lot before asking, and in this case there is a lot of information on the internet, maybe there is so much that I finally get confused.

    I enjoy every day a Xioami Gaming Laptop with i7-8750h and Nvidia GTX 1060. At this point, I use every day windows but as a software developer, I would like use Linux (mainly because of the bash, scripts, ...). But I get some troubles with Linux: Heat, heat, heat! No matter the linux distribution you install, it tends to be very hot (iddle) while in Windows nothing gets hot (working).

    I searched a lot over internet. I installed tlp. But a lot of people write about the main problem would be my graphic card. According to I read (I don't understand much of this) Nvidia does not give good support for linux and Optimus does not work well. Unlike in Windows (where the card starts working on demand when an application requires it), in linux the card is always working (and of course, heat the laptop). So I have deactivated my card and am using the integrated Intel

    My questions:
    • Is the problem with Optimus true?
    • Do I have to configure TLP or do something special?
    • Is there a way to install my card and it works like it does in Windows?
    • Is it normal to have these temperature problems in Linux with laptops? Can I do something else to avoid this?
    The truth is that it is frustrating to install a distro, to see that the workload is lower than in Windows and yet the laptop heats up for no reason. Obviously I have not put the laptop to work hard because I do not want to stress it having the Windows alternative, but I would like to enjoy eOS. With the integrated card it gets less hot (It doesn't get as cool as windows), but I lose my HDMI output

    I register to ask without first having contributed, but I try to contribute in other communities (especially developers) where I can be of help.

    Thanks all you and sorry about my poor english! :)

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