Hera Installer crashes when selecting partition, and using trial mode

Discussion in 'Installation' started by Ryan Gosling, Jul 10, 2020.

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    Jul 10, 2020
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    Hi, I'm trying to install Elementary OS with a CD , dual boot with windows 10. Created a 2nd partition, on which I'm trying to install it.
    I burnt the ISO via Windows Explorer.
    I can start the Installation,
    during loading, before the installer menu this signal appears: upload_2020-7-10_18-0-14.png
    and then disappears. NOTE: an USB stick is not connected.
    when it gets to the part of installing on which partition and choosing next, the installer crashes,
    It happens while using the option of installing it next to the windows or on a second partition.
    no error signal, the monitor shuts down but the computer itself doesn't but it seems that the processor and DVD drive become very silent and stop.
    When I use the trial mode over the DVD the systems crashes after some time, randomly. The computer doesn't completely shut down, like previously it seems only the processor and DVD drive.
    I met problems also with UBUNTU, which I tried to install afterwards. But Ubuntu doesn't even let me into the menu, the loading screen appears, then the monitor shuts off, the DVD drive begins to work very loudly for a couple of minutes and then everything shutsdown except the computer itself (the light that it's on). It's pretty frustrating.
    I don't have EFI or UEFI on my system. I use IDE , legacy mode supported, did a RAM check with windows and everything is fine. I would be very glad if you can help me.

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