Loki HowTo: Change individual Plank/Wingpanel menu icons

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    Following on from this guide from AI on changing Plank themes

    We can also change individual icons and not just complete themes. You can use the menu editor tool called Alacarte to do this fast.

    It will save time with no need to start looking through icon folders or moving icons around. This is great if you have a Plank theme but really like to use one or two different custom icons with it.

    Use Alacarte to quickly select a new icon for any Wingpanel menu entry. Once your new icon is working in Wingpanel simply re-open your app and it will now display the new icon in Plank.

    To save the new icon in Plank right click on it on while its open and select "Keep in dock"

    To install Alacarte is easy. Search for Alacarte in AppCentre or run the below command;

    Code (Text):
    sudo apt-get install alacarte

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