How to use power of older Nvidia GPU

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by dan66, Feb 27, 2023.

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    Hello everyone,
    I installed Elementary os 7 on Alienware m11x with Nvidia m335 GPU.
    Everything runs beautifully, it is possible to switch between both GPUs, even to boot directly to Nvidia via the BIOS (with Nouveau drivers - with this kernel I can no longer operate proprietary drivers :-(... ).
    The problem is with using the full power of the Nvidia GPU. If I don't systemically enable software (window) composition, I won't get past approx. 60 FPS, although in previous installations (Arch, Debian) the results were as high as 530 FPS.
    How to install and run the necessary compositor only for this purpose, even if it will not be used directly for desktop rendering?

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