Odin How to disable Display Touchscreen Gestures for X1 Yoga (1st Gen)

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by pro, Dec 10, 2021.

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    Quick Thank at the beginning: Elementary OS is awesome and supports all the hardware of my computers. Also my laptop webcam is supported which Windows can not detect :)

    My question: How can I disable Display Touchscreen Gestures for my Thinkpad Lenovo X1 Yoga (1st Gen) (I do not mean the Mouse-Touchpad)?

    e.g. If I am in tablet mode, I use two fingers and swipe up to get to the Multitasking view. This is action breaks the zoom and rotate in Krita instantly.

    I tried
    - disable all touch gestures elementary offers (inside Mouse & Touchpad)
    - use Touchè and disable everything
    - set the Wacom Settings to Tracking-Mode absolute

    Do you know how to disable or change the settings of the display touchscreen?

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