Files gone missing/destroyed by simply using ctrl+x ctrl+v between folders on the same drive...

Discussion in 'Newbie Questions' started by Matyas, Jun 24, 2023.

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    Please help... Im out of ideas.

    Something happened today, dont know if its my mistake or a bug but heres the story.

    I was copying 3 mp4 videos between 2 folders on my internal HDD. Very important videos that were waiting to be backed up... Of course linux decides to give me another reason to hate changing to it and somehow shredded my files. I selected the 3 videos, I pressed ctrl x, the opacity of the icons changed indicating I have pressed the cut command, then I clicked into the other window with the folder I wanted to copy to, pressed ctrl V, the files disapeared from the original folder and nothing appeared in the new folder. No file transfer window, nothing. Recent files tab is empty, trash can empty, I went through all the folders on the drive, nothing. Drive activity is near zero in resource monitor, there is clearly no file transfer going on...

    In desperation I installed and used foremost to recover files on the drive, it recovered 17 videos totaling 3.1gb (the size of the 3 original videos was 1.6gb), none of the 17 videos are what I was looking for...

    What do I do now???? These videos are very important to me, what the hell went wrong and why cant I recover them??? Why is every linux distro I ever tried like this? So many times simple operations go horribly wrong, its making me wanna go back to windows 10 eventough I hate it with a passion...
    Please help Screenshot from 2023-06-24 12.13.24 1.png

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