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    Hi everyone.

    I thought this is maybe the right place to present you my thoughts about making a customized version of elementaryOS.

    Why? Well at first because I really admire the spirit behind elementaryOS - but (and yeah, since loki there is a big but for me) - I also see so many potential of getting things better.

    Really, elementaryOS is great: lean, slim, smart. A Linux OS which really feels a bit like macOS i thought at first.
    But in my eyes the developers didn't do themselves a favour by restrict their own system even more than a Mac is restricted by not allowing adding PPAs as default or installing .deb packages.

    I know, you can get all this back - but than you find long instructions online like "the 11 first things to do after intalling elementaryOS".

    I thought to myself this might keeps people from using elementaryOS. Because if I first have to do a lot of terminal interaction and stuff just to get elementaryOS at the same level than normal distributions - than it's over for many people right from the start.

    So I went through all this stuff, reactivated the features, including desktop-symbols (I don't know any other OS in the world which doesn't activate desktop symbols by default...) and put the macOS Sierra theme of the b00merang-project on top as well as exchanged many of the self-coded default-apps by well known projects like Chromium, Thunderbird and stuff.

    And now why I made this thread: Maybe others felt the same way like me and also went through all the steps which made their version of elementaryOS different from the Original. I think if this is the fact, we should share our customisations with the community. Because if many custom versions for different needs are out there, everybody can easily pick up, what is best for him. Some might want to stay with the original, some would maybe prefer a system which is optimized for server environments, tablet computers or whatever. and with the spirit of elementaryOS in providing a easy to install and use linux system with great look&feel experiance I thought maybe we stop saying people "the 20 things they need to do after install" instead of providing these steps we think which are necessary in own customized versions.

    The result i made up i called "elementaryOS iBuntu Edition" - or just "iBuntu". And at first i just shared it with my collegues at work which are big Mac-Fans but also interested in Linux. They said my little customisation of elementaryOS would really be a benefit for all who want a nice looking but still flexible OS without the restrictions and limitations the originally loki 0.4 came with - all out of the box.

    I just wanted to share this with you, maybe you have a look at it, test it out for yourself - I appreciate your comments or critics :)

    If you want, you can find the .iso file here:


    Many regards

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    A lot of these lists you refer to mostly only cover installing programs not in the AppCenter (and thus may not completely work with eOS's design philosophy) but that people may want regardless. You can't really stop that. These lists exist for all distro's AFAIK.
    And these lists do draw attention towards the OS, it's how I found out about eOS.

    There are a couple things that had me scratching my head as well though. Most notably the absence of gdebi and
    software-properties-common (repo's) are moves that I have a hard time defending, even with everything in mind. At the end of the day it needs to work as a functional OS and not just look pretty.
    It's still linux so if you know what you're doing this is easy enough to fix, as you said, but I definately think the AppCenter is nowhere near populated enough to be the single go to thing and they should make it easier to circumvent it and talk to the Ubuntu software repository.
    I get what they are trying to do but it may not be the best thing to do at this point in time. It's just too limited for a lot of people. eOS doesn't have any weight to shift this balance any time soon either.
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