ElementaryOS 0.4 Loki Released

Discussion in 'elementary News' started by elysium, Sep 9, 2016.

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    Today, ElementaryOS 0.4 Loki has been released. You can download it from http://elementary.io

    Major Changes:

    • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS based, including Kernel 4.4
    • The Browser "Midori" is no more, it is "Epiphany" now with the same icon.
    • A HotSpot feature is given in the network settings, you can share your LAN connection with your Smartphone by WiFi.
    • A Share feature is given now, you can share files and movies with your TV and more.

    This you have to know:

    • For unknown reason, the developers removed the PPA utility "add-apt-repository" .... You have to download this package to add PPA in Loki: sudo apt install software-properties-common
    • They say Loki is stable, but it is not bug free yet! If you are happy with Freya, it's may better you wait some weeks until you go for Loki.
    • There is no dist-upgrade available, unfortunately. You have to install Loki and restore your back-upped personal files afterwards.

    Please remember:
    - http://elementaryforums.com is not directly connected with the developers, they still don't want an own community forum and only provide the official support at http://elementaryos.stackexchange.com.
    - But: Feel free to discuss about Loki here at the non-official Community-Board http://elementaryforums.com, because discussions without a specific question is not allowed at http://elementaryos.stackexchange.com

    Have fun with Loki!
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    Sep 22, 2016
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    I thought I'd sign up to this forum and introduce myself as I have just installed Loki on a fresh hard drive in my what was windows laptop. I aim to use this OS as a full replacement for windows. It's my first serious go at linux and I must say I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm learning the basics of terminal language and using commands. I haven't noticed anything major yet in terms of bugs, but probably I haven't dug deep enough yet.
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