Elementary OS Freya not installing with grub2...

Discussion in 'Installation' started by Joshua DSouza, Feb 18, 2016.

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    Hi guys. So I finaly decided to take the plunge and install elementary OS yesterday on my laptop. I used a live usb made through the rufus media creation tool. As I want to install the Freya with UEFI + dual booted with an existing Windows 10 OS i followed this guide:


    It seemed to install fine after creating the /, swap, and /home partitions. However when booting it seems that my laptop will still boot straight into Windows without showing either windows/grub boot loader. I have legacy support turned ENABLED and secure boot DISABLED in BIOS.

    What am I missing? Apparently GRUB should be installed when selecting the 'install alongside an existing OS' option which I didnt choose....

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