Computer freezes while playing games [temporary solution]

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    I have an issue where once in a while the computer will freeze while playing Dota 2. So a few times i did a hard restart to get it going again. Last time i did that, it caused me to be unable to get past the log in screen. The guest account would work, but my main account wouldnt; id enter password, black flash, and back into log in screen.

    I was able to resolve my issue by clicking "cntrl + alt + F2" , typing in my username and password, and then running the following commands:

    "sudo rm /home/username/.Xauthority"

    and then

    "sudo reboot"

    I found the instructions here, and if it doesnt work for anyone else that may come across this then there are other things you can try as listed here:

    As for the reason why the freezes are happening... appears to be related to nvidia video cards malfunctioning and not being able to recover. A problem that autofixes itself in windows, but becomes a catastrophic problem in linux. More info can be found here:

    Users have said that if this freeze happens to you, try pressing "cntrl+alt+F1" and then once the screen goes black, press "Cntrl+alt+F7". I havent tried this yet but will next time it crashes.

    I believe this is the open bug with no fix;

    Seems like a serious issue as it can render your pc useless if you dont find the fixes i did.

    Hopefully it gets fixed. if it doesnt, I hope this post has helped anyone who is coming here with the same problem.

    EDIT: so just had another freeze and the solution that was posted actually works. you will get back a usable desktop after a crash if you do whats listed above. pretty neat.
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