Chosen default(s?) not sticking for image viewer; ImageMagick is greedy

Discussion in 'Software & Applications' started by timothy, Dec 12, 2015.

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    I've been happily using Elementary for a few months. A few minor glitches / bugs, but overall it's fantastic. One of those minor bugs has gotten under my skin, though, and it's starting to drive me buggy. I hope someone has a solution. Here's the problem:

    Images (jpeg, png, etc) open in ImageMagick by default, and I don't want that. I can right-click and choose a different image viewer, but can't figure out how to make the choice stick, or to make it work for all images of that same type. ImageMagick is fantastic, it's just not what I want in an image viewer (or minimal editor). However, neither of the ways that I (perpetual newbie) know to change this seem to work.

    1) Changing the "open with" app for a particular file; that's pretty explicit, pretty straightforward ... the actual *choice* is persistent (that is, I can check out the info for a given file, and it shows that I have indeed selected Image Viewer, or Gwenview, or GIMP, as the app with which to open that file), but when I double click on the icon, or use control-O to open it, it opens with ImageMagick, not with the one I've selected.

    2) In the control panel, there's a nice selector for default apps, that should clearly be universal. No matter what I select there, though, it's ImageMagick that actually opens by default.

    This seems like an easy, simple thing -- but for me, it's not working. Any obvious fixes? If I just remove ImageMagick from the system, I wonder what would happen ... but then the terrorists have won.

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