Can't install - Mac Bluetooth mouse and keyboard not recgnized

Discussion in 'Installation' started by trion12, Nov 10, 2021.

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    I have a 2104 iMac that I want to install elementary on.
    I can boot from a USB drive and then get presented with an option to enter my wireless network password which I can do no problem - mouse and keyboard working at that point.
    After doing that I can click on a drive icon on the screen which says EFI Boot (there are 2 of those icons for some reason. I have tried booting from both of them.)

    It then starts to go through the elementary install process and I get presented with a screen to select my language and thats where I am dead in the water. Both mouse and keyboard are unresponsive at that point.
    I really want try try elementary but am unable to.
    Any ideas or help much appreciated.

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