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    Has anybody else tried out the Brave browser?

    My first reaction was that I didn't like the idea they are shooting for... i.e. block all third-party ads and tracking and give users the option to pay sites and content creators via the in-browser BAT wallet system. (do I really want to pay for the internet directly??)

    But I downloaded it on elementary via snap (*see note below) and have been trying it out and am warming to it a great deal. It is very fast, and I am starting to like not having to deal with all the adds and potential tracking. The payments are opt-in and there also seems to be a good bit of fine-grain control as to which sites you contribute too. Although getting funds into the Brave Wallet requires a bit of futzing around if you don't already have a crypto-wallet somewhere. (I dont')

    Also, since I do contribute to folks via Patreon, the BAT wallet feels similar to that... i.e. if I used it, I could not use Patreon, and contribute to and even via the Brave browser... They are also working on a system to pay for youtube content creators too... it's starting to seem like a cool idea.

    Bryan Lunduke's interview with Brendan Eich help sway me a good bit too... see here if interested to watch.

    * note on elementary Brave snap install: The snap seems to have some issues in elementary as it doesn't show in the appication launching and I don't seem to have sound atm... I'll post something on the stackexchange site... However, seems I read snaps aren't very well supported yet in elementary... I may try and install via .deb and try that route.

    [edit] So I tried to install the .deb via here but it was not initially successful to to an apt update error:

    Code (Text):

    E: The repository ' loki Release' does not have a Release file.
    N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
    N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.
    [edit-2] found the solution to the above error on the eo stackexchange here. Updating per the answer given seemed to work just fine. replacing 'lsb_release sc' parts with 'xenial'. I did have to go into /etc/apt/sources.d.list and remove the brave-loki.list entry as it was still throwing the error.
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    I have never heard of it. your review makes me want to try it. It is very good that it offers built-in ad blocking, secure HTTP, third-party cookie blocking.

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    I am running the Brave Browser on Android, it is my default browser here.

    But I disabled all the optional pay features from the beginning.

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