Bootmanager: How to install Elementary alongside existing Windows

Discussion in 'Installation' started by Scyth, Apr 30, 2020.

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    As you might already know from the title I would like to install elementary alongside and alreaedy existing Windows 10 installation.
    I had issues with this kind of thing when it came to the bootmanager. It sometimes made things tricky. On this PC I have 3 hd: one for windows (lets call it W), one for data that can share both os (lets call this X), one for Elementary (and lets call this one E).
    So the Windows bootloader ist installed on W. As far as I remember if I choose to install Elementary bootmanager on W the Windows one doesn't get completely overwritten since the Windows one works a bit different. Could be wrong though: In every tutorial I read it was like "Yeah, no issue at all."
    Can you perhaps give me a hint?

    PS: A dxdiag file to show my hardware is attached

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