Asus ZenBook alias for Fn+F9 Microphone mute/unmute

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    i would like fix Fn₊F9 as Microphone mute/unmute because is not working since i installed Loki 6.1. Device Asus Zenbook UP5401EA. So i did:

    Code (Text):
    libinput debug-events

    event4   KEYBOARD_KEY     +0.000s    KEY_MICMUTE (248) pressed
    event4   KEYBOARD_KEY     +0.000s    KEY_MICMUTE (248) released
    event4   KEYBOARD_KEY     +2.880s    KEY_UNKNOWN (240) pressed
    event4   KEYBOARD_KEY     +2.880s    KEY_UNKNOWN (240) released
    Says when i pressed Fn+F9 is 248 KEY_MICMUTE and Fn₊F10 is Key_UNKNOWN (will describe below why i take care even about Fn+F10)

    So i added function AudioMicMute to keycode 248:

    Code (Text):

    xmodmap -e "keycode 248 = XF86AudioMicMute NoSymbol XF86AudioMicMute"
    But then:

    Code (Text):

    xinput list
    Asus WMI hotkeys                            id=15    [slave  keyboard (3)]
    When i press Fn+F10 i receive code 248. Fn+F9 display nothing.

    Code (Text):

    xinput test 15
    key press   248
    key release 248
    The same using xev, Fn+F10 i receive code 248. Fn+F9 display nothing.

    Code (Text):

    xev -event keyboard
    state 0x10, keycode 248 (keysym 0x0, NoSymbol), same_screen YES,
    So i am little confused. Can this be exchanged by not corresponding mapping (laptop is new) of kernel asus module?

    Because i enabled muting/unmuting of microphone with FN+F10 which should be enable/disable cam according to label icon.

    Also i tried way with acpi_listen and this sh script (which works):

    Code (Text):

    if amixer -D pulse set Capture toggle | grep "\[on\]" -q
       notify-send -i audio-input-microphone-symbolic "Unmuted" -a "Microphone"
       notify-send -i microphone-sensitivity-muted-symbolic "Muted" -a "Microphone"
    but seems like even other scripts placed in folder like asus_keyboard_brightness are not used. So i guess Elementary / Ubuntu does not use this signals / acpi.
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