Loki App Center and the Dread Multiple Login Attempts Following Sleep

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Are you being asked for you admin password when your computer wakes up from sleep mode?

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    In summary, and this seems well documented out on the interweb, the problem/bug is told in this user story: computer resumes after sleep -> user is prompted for admin password to refresh resources -> user enters password -> user is promoted for password again (...and again ...and again ... and again).

    This user (me) just hits cancel and moves on, but that doesn't really seem to be a sustainable solution.

    When searching the net for a fix to this issue, I've stumbled on several locations whereat multiple users complain about this problem. On one site, the Elementary OS Bug page, the issue is marked a fixed.

    Well, not for my ancient Dell Precision M6300. I'm still prompted every time for my admin password on returning from sleep mode.

    So what gives?
    1. I've found a suggestion to disable App Center's ability to run in the background. This sounds like a very poor solution to the problem, but I might take it is someone can't get on this bug.
    2. I found what I believe to be an unstable build for App Center (appcenter-0.2.8-1.fc28 RPM for s390x). Frankly, I have no idea what software built for the IBM s380x architecture will do on my poor, 2003 Dell, but I'm sure it won't be good.
    3. I've seen a suggestion to blow App Center out of my system and only perform installs/updates using the terminal. Well, if this is the solution, time to change Linux horses.
    4. Other users have set their hair on fire, which seems a bit extreme. ;)
    In the world of things that might be wrong with an app/os, this one is probably pretty minor. However, it one of those things that jumps out in front of users and their everyday experience and makes them feel like the whole interface/backend is maintained by Microsoft professionals.

    I now this last is not true, but being prompted 10 time a day for a password 25 times a day is just irritating. So what's causing the problem, technically, (maybe I can help with the flow control/architecture) and/or what's the plan for fixing the problem.

    Note 1: Please don't post the following as a response: This bug was fixed in Version 0.x (where x is the version number).

    Note 2: If a patch is available for the bug, please clearly state where it can be gotten and how to install the patch.

    Thank you!


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