Am I wasting my time?

Discussion in 'Newbie Questions' started by bennyfingers, Feb 5, 2020.

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    Hello community, just after a little advice.

    My set up is like this: I have an HP laptop with an AMD A10 and onboard Radeon R5 graphics. When at home I plug it in via a USB 3.0 connection to an HP dock/port replicator thing. I have one external monitor running direct from the HDMI port on the laptop, the second one off the HDMI port on the dock.

    I downloaded and installed the DisplayLink drivers from their site and everything 'works' but the monitor running off the dock HDMI port is unusably slow, and the DisplayLink manager process is caning my CPU. Looking around this is well documented, has been an issue for years and DisplayLink seem to be saying its something to do with how Linux handles the updating - i.e. not their fault, nothing they can do about it.

    I've spent a couple of days hunting for solutions but nothing works. My laptop only has the one video output so any second monitor would have to go via USB3.0 which I believe will mean I run into the DisplayLink problem. But this is how I want to work, and I can do so perfectly well under Windows, much as I'd prefer to use Linux.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions of how I can achieve this setup? Or am I wasting my time trying to get this to work?

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