Wireless Connection Crashes Pc

Discussion in 'Newbie Questions' started by hakan, Sep 14, 2019.

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    -i’m not a native english speaker, sorry if i have any grammar mistakes-

    I had Windows 10 in my computer and it used to crash a lot. I thought it was something about hard-drive or system files. I tried to solve it but wasn’t able to.

    So I thought that it would be a great time to switch to linux. I installed elementary os, everything was great. The next day, I started off my pc and watched some videos and stuff, in an hour it got slower, slower and slower. I had a notification and it said that i had no disk space left. I checked it and it was saying that my roughly 480gb partition is full, even though i only downloaded steam, google chrome and a small game. After that pc became unusable, I tried to restart it, but it never opened again.

    I downloaded elementaryos once again. BUT i disabled wireless connection from bios and used ethernet for two days. Everything was fine. Then I tried to enable wireless, and pc got really slower and slower, and my disk started to magicly fill(i was using 8gb and it became 12gb in a few minutes, there was no download or update). I restarted pc because it became unusable, disabled wireless and opened it again. Everything was fine.

    I’m actually okay with ethernet connection, but i’m going to go to college real soon, and i’ll probably need wireless future on my pc. Is this something that i can solve? Or is it some hardware problem? Do i have to replace it?

    I really need help, thanks.

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