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    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to elementary OS. Installed yesterday Freya on my Asus k46. Spent a lot of time configuring my developing environment (I'm a developer).
    But what I noticed is that everything is about to fall apart at any moment, I'm facing a lot of different bugs/crash in different situations, gonna list some of them:

    • Constant crashes while tryin' to reboot/shutdown the system - The screen freezes on my wallpaper and never comes back, forcing me to do a brute turnoff.
    • Sometimes when I close the notebook lid, the system doesn't suspend, my fan goes crazy and when I open it up again, the screen remains black and never comes back again, forcing me to do a brute turnoff.
    • On every system startup the screen brightness is set to maximum. (tryed to follow some fixes, none of them worked)
    Now here goes my question, is this "normal"? Or maybe I just did somenthing wrong somehow, which leads to all of these problems ?

    Above all these problems, I'm loving it, it's a very developer friendly system, not only that, it's also very beautiful. I really doesn't want to change for an Ubuntu.


    @Edit: I tried to install the Nvidia proprietary drivers (331.113) for my Geforce GT 740M instead of using the X.Org one. All those problems are gonne. The animations are smoother, no more freezings or crashs. So here is my tip
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