Supported USB Wireless for Freya?

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by Nigel, Sep 3, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    Unable to update WIndows I decided to keep my old PC and try Linux. I've installed a few distros to get a feel for them but immediately liked what I read about Elementary.

    After a few issues, Freya 0.3.2 (32 bit) is now installed.

    However wireless would not work and lshw revealed I had an old USB rt2800 for which there appears to be no working driver.

    I've looked around for a new replacement, and the TL-WN823N at least mentions some support under Linux. However the TL driver download page only offers a version up to 3.10 of the kernel and "uname -r" shows my Freya release is 3.19.

    Is there a USB wireless adaptor the forum can recommend that should work and have good support?



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