Loki Mouse buttons stop working?

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    I've done a clean install of Loki on an old Compaq laptop.
    Whenever it has been running for a bit the mouse buttons stop working. The mouse still moves fine, just the clicks do nothing. It happens on both the touchpad and a USB mouse with cable.
    I've searched everywhere but can't seem to find simple instructions of how to re-install mouse drivers.
    (I had to update Nvidia drivers via the command line to stop screen flicker and that worked perfectly).
    Sometimes I can make it start working for a bit by messing around with alt / ctrl / tab to select menu items, but it never lasts long.
    Surely there must be a straightforward way to update the mouse drivers?

    Cross-post from Stack Exchange:

    OK a bit more detail. This almost definitely isn't to do with mouse drivers per se, but is more connected to the x-server? (My Linux knowledge is basic).

    If I re-start lightdm (sudo service lightdm restart) it works perfectly again for a while.

    If I open a more than one window and switch focus between them with alt-tab I get the mouse-clicks working in the window, but not outside. If I open a browser window and get focus this way, it works perfectly in the window, but won't re-size or close the window.

    So at least I have a way to make the thing useable, although in a kind of clunky way. It's a shame because I've come back to Linux a few times over the years and with Elementary it came so close to what I'd hoped, but now I've spent a day trying to fix this and there doesn't seem to be a simple solution.

    I suspect it might be something to do with the Nvidia video adapter in the laptop; there was horrendous screen flickering when I first installed the OS which I was able to cure by installing nvidia-current via the command line, but perhaps this isn't right for an old machine. There is an Nvidia x-server control panel so I'll see if I can find a setting in that which makes a difference.

    Will report back

    --Update-- Nothing in the x-server control panel made any difference.
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