Macbook Air 6,1 Wireless connection issues

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by St_tuff, Nov 2, 2016.

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    (i hope i placed this in the right place hahah, sorry if not)

    so for the last couple of days iv been trying to setup elementary os loki on my laptop (macbook air 6,1) and i cant seem to get the wireless connection to connect me to the internet. i have the ability of join my own wifi and connect but any sort of external connection will fail, i can ping any server on my lan network including my router(this ping only works some of the time 50%).
    by changing setting i have been able to search on google and begin a sudo apt-get update command but shortly after it will loose connection the laptop is using a broadcom 8 BCM4360 802.11ac wifi adapter.

    i have spent a few hours attempting to change network settings but everytime i can get a external connction it will cut out after a short time

    iv also done a bunch of fixs for issues similar relating to Ubuntu vanilla but iv not been able to fix the problem

    any help would be very much appropriated

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