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    Hi Elementary OS community!

    Currently using Elementary as my main OS on a Bean canyon NUC. It's been a great experience but I've been having some issues with the login screen.

    • When running sudo apt update/upgrade
      The password textbox often disappears. After running sudo apt install --reinstall elementary-desktop, it appears again but this is very cumbersome after installing updates everytime.
    • There's about a 50% chance the login screen crashes
      Seems like this happens a lot. I click on the password box to type. The mouse cursor switches to a text cursor (the one where you hover over text) and the system hangs. I can't type, can't get into the console via ctrl+alt+f1, can't click anywhere to reboot. After rebooting the problem sometimes solves itself.
    Does anyone else have these issues?

    Kind Regards,

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