How to eliminate partition on HDD

Discussion in 'Newbie Questions' started by Hermes Noel Quintanilla, Oct 11, 2020.

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    Oct 9, 2020
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    I have in my computer Dual boot Zorin OS and Win10. How I can delete Zorin and install Elementary OS without formating? Thanks in advance
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    May 2, 2020
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    Firstly please note that deleting a partition, will remove all the data on it, so take a copy or back up anything important first.

    Then if you want to re-size or manage your partitions you need a partition manager such as gparted

    On elementary Os you can install it from the app centre

    From here, you can re-size, delete or format the specific partition as you wish. However, please be warned! if you remove the wrong partition you could end up deleting windows by mistake or making your system unbootable. - You have been warned! -

    There are many detailed articles around on how to use gparted such as this one:

    On a separate note if you're trying to replace Zorin Os with elementary OS, then Selecting "something else" from the elementary OS installer screen below, should allow you to select your Zorin OS partition and overwrite it (again make sure you have the right partition selected and you don't overwrite windows)

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