Elementary OS- xrandr not working properly causing issues with external monitor

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by home4om, Mar 9, 2016.

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    I have a Toshiba satellite l310 and the monitor attached to the laptop is broken so removed it and connected a monitor through VGA but elementary os does not mirror the display and therefore keeps the pantheon launcher on the lvds display which is broken but this not an issue as Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Puppy Linux and even Windows detects this but that actual issue is what should I do now I can open tty by pressing Ctrl + F#. When I execute xrandr it tells "can't open display". I had no problem while installing it only once booted to installed elementary is I get this issue. Even in the login screen the screen looks zoomed with large user icons and large clock with half of the 1 digit in minutes visible. After the login screen the mouse pointer is outside the visible screen in the right side but I can move the mouse to the visible screen. If while booting I go to advance options to boot elementary is and select recovery mode in grub and without executing any code I just resume it and as the warning message says that some graphics drivers need a full restart, my driver also needs restart (I can confirm this due to the fact that somewhat 5% of left hand side of my monitor is unused, it is black and everything works as if that much part of my screen never existed and everything else works as usual (even this issue which I am facing currently is not occuring) same results are with Ubuntu) and when I open my display settings it detects and says that there is only on display and that is built-in while my external monitor is working perfectly (most probably it is mirroring the internal display (xrandr still says "can't open display"). Any solutions or suggestions for me ?

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