Hera Elementary not booting (goes back to BIOS)

Discussion in 'Installation' started by nox, Jan 24, 2020.

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    Jan 24, 2020
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    Just had my windows 10 pro hard drive die on me and thought it's a good time to switch to a better OS. I'm pretty new to Linux so I did some quick research and found 3 participants to install! Manjaro, Elementary and Fedora. I tried installing manjaro and fedora and got hit with Segmentation fault which I couldn't fix and ended up resulting to elementary.

    **If you want to skip my intro I guess..
    Elementary worked all the way until I got to the end of the installation (i'm guessing...) where my screen went black and pc continued to idle, left it for 15 mins and rebooted. Saw 3 options; *elementary, advanced and system setup. Pressing elementary makes the screen go black and sends me straight to the bios. I am very new to Linux and have no idea how to fix this.. Any ideas?

    Here are my specs, if they can help;
    • CPU: AMD R7 2700
    • GPU: GTX 1050
    • RAM: Team Elite 3000Mhz x2 8GB
    • MB: Asus Prime b450-a

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