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Discussion in 'Installation' started by Claudio, Nov 19, 2020.

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    Nov 19, 2020
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    Hello everyone! I'm new outside M$ OS, and I try to install Elementary OS on my Acer aspire 9424WSMi. Everything goes fine until the finishing of the installation: 3 bars (white, gray, dark gray) appears totality on the screen. Nothing happened. I left it for 20, 30 minutes and nothing... only the 3 bars. I turn off the notebook and go to sleep... today I turn on and nothing happens in the screen... No Boot, no aspire logo, no options to do something for... It's like the screen was off. I heard the cd booting and the HD light it's on... I try to reinstall but can't see anything. It works (very slow) with win7... After de installation looks like bricked.

    Appreciate the reading of this message, and thank you all.

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