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Discussion in 'Installation' started by Claudio, Nov 19, 2020.

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    Nov 19, 2020
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    Hello everyone! I'm new outside M$ OS, and I try to install Elementary OS on my Acer aspire 9424WSMi. Everything goes fine until the finishing of the installation: 3 bars (white, gray, dark gray) appears totality on the screen. Nothing happened. I left it for 20, 30 minutes and nothing... only the 3 bars. I turn off the notebook and go to sleep... today I turn on and nothing happens in the screen... No Boot, no aspire logo, no options to do something for... It's like the screen was off. I heard the cd booting and the HD light it's on... I try to reinstall but can't see anything. It works (very slow) with win7... After de installation looks like bricked.

    Appreciate the reading of this message, and thank you all.

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    May 2, 2020
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    Sorry for the late response. Did you manage to get your laptop working again?

    If you still have it and it's still "bricked" try a few of the options below.
    1. are you able to get into the bios? Assuming you don't want anything on the laptop, some bios have a factory reset option. This should reset your laptop to factory defaults (including wiping out all the data, so only do this if you don't want anything on the laptop).
    2. Try plugging it into a HDMI or VGA screen sometimes it might just a be a problem with the laptop display.
    3. Try a different bootable USB OS (this will help identify if it's hardware or some compatibility issue with elementary. ( try a few different distros, examples
    4. Try completely removing the battery from the laptop. Hold down the power on button on the laptop without the power supply and without the battery for 15 seconds, this will clear any residual static charge that could have built up in the laptop. Plug in the AC power (but do not put the battery back in) and try to power up just of AC (this is to identify if the battery is faulty). If it works, put back the battery and try again.
    Hope some of these tips can help.

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