Loki bad quality for youtube videos

Discussion in 'Newbie Questions' started by halfbosss, Jun 14, 2017.

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    hi guys i'm a newbie of linux and more of elementary os after some problems i fiannly had installed elementary os Loki and yes it's awesome !!! but i had noticed something, i'm gone on youtube from epiphany and searching for a 1080P 60FPS video but the only option is 720P so i had installed chromium and 1080P 60FPS appears but when i select him the quality of video isn't 1080P the video is smooth but no quality , i had tried to install amd crimson driver (i have a R9 270 ) download the version for linux86_64 installed the run file but at final step an error appears it tells some error with kernel so i reboot the pc and it is stuck on the E logo after half an hour to try to boot , i prefer to reinstall elementary OS and everthing works but the quality of 1080P is ever the bad quality ever seen for 1080P .... why ? what i need to do ? thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english but i'm italian :D
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    It might be related to your video card. I have a nvidia and don't experience such problems.
    Though I do not have any solution to your problem :-/

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